Introducing BRAG
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Introducing BRAG

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Finally! BRAG’s “Preview edition” is ready – our digital stage for your self-promotion or your employer branding. You can download here or browse through the pre-release version of our new magazine, which will be released in its full splendour in September.

Why use BRAG to brag? BRAG is different to other magazines. Usually magazines contain exciting articles that are interrupted by advertising that hardly anyone wants to see. There is more advertising in BRAG than articles. And everyone is in on it, because BRAG is advertising. For agencies, design offices, recruitment consultancies, copywriters, art directors, illustrators, photographers, designers, art buyers, consultants, planners, programmers, image archives, job exchanges and providers of print, media or brand management solutions.

BRAG is perfect for anyone who is in or wants to be in the industry.

We have turned magazines upside down – with masses of relevant advertising for you or your company, and without too many articles in between. BRAG is completely new form of digital self-promotional advertising and is for all the creative industries in German-speaking countries. BRAG is a cost-effective advertising tool to attract employees or to acquire jobs and projects. It is also an excellent guide offering help and advice for entry-level and up-and-coming talents in the industry.

BRAG offers inspiration and ideas for the entire creative scene –it is compact and distributed both here and on Facebook. There are no design or content restrictions and you are free to make you own double page exactly as you want it to be. There is no briefing, no content requirements, except that it is legally permissible and within the bounds of moral decency. We are looking forward to seeing you in BRAG and we can confidently say that it will be a very colourful, creative and highly interesting mix!

Each double-page A4 landscape format per issue for agencies, design offices and companies costs: € 500, plus VAT. For all freelancers: € 250 plus VAT. The format is: A4 landscape, 297 × 210 mm / Press Quality / JPG or PDF. If you would like to be in the September issue, or have a question, please email us:

For those who need help with the design of your ad, we offer our paid design to your liking service, from our design team.

If you do not want to miss any issue of BRAG, subscribe to our newsletter. We will email you each issue of the magazine as soon as it appears.

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