We are the creatives.
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We are the creatives.

It’s so easy to get the best connections.

Connect-Me-Now was founded in 2010 as a free project on Facebook.

Today it has 33 creative job and interest groups and over 190,000 memberships.
During that time we have lost count of all the freelance and full-time jobs we have helped to fill in the creative industry.

Our cooperation with GWA has another great advantage for our members…a joint online job exchange. Join us today and enjoy the benefits from the great GWA CMN, get together.

Who is Connect-Me-Now?

First of all you are Connect-Me-Now! It is the thousands of creative professionals
and agencies in the industry that make our network so lively, help it to continue growing and making it more and more essential to our industry.

Then there are the many co-moderators of the Facebook groups who we would like to say a very big thank you for all of the work you put in every day!

Finally there is a small core team at Connect-Me-Now who take care of administration, design, our blog and the soon to be launched e-magazine.

Team Connect-Me-Now


Dipl. Des. Self-employed since 1999. Communication designer and art director for both agencies and direct to business. Founder of Connect-Me-Now and Quadrasophics®

Sandramaria Schweda


Entrepreneur, freelancer and networker. A creative designer for Classic advertising. 10 years a digital partner for brands, companies, agencies and start-ups involving strategy, concept, UX, project management.

Jan Skolik

Free partner

Diploma Designer, FH Düsseldorf. Art Director for global brands in international advertising agencies. Freelance AD for big and small agencies. And now: photographer with body and soul.

Andreas Hagemann

Free partner



Native English copywriter with over twenty years international experience with major German and Scandinavian brands.

Kevin Mackenzie

Free partner

After an agency career, self-employed since 2007. Freelance creative director and copywriter for agencies. Creative communications consultant for businesses and brands. Founder of the music production Plug and Play Music.

Frank Wunderlich

Free partner
Udo Bechmann

Graduate Designer, Copywriter and Creative Director. Longtime engagement in agencies for national and international brands with emphasis on automotive industry. Self-dependent for 10 years.

Udo Bechmann

Free partner

Cooperation partners

The Art Directors Club of Germany (ADC) e.V. is Germany’s most significant association of the creative industry with more than 700 members of Design, Editorial, Photography, Illustration, Advertising, Music, Architecture, Journalism, Scenography. The ADC promoting art directors’ work through exhibitions, b2b events, congresses, seminars, presentations, a yearly festival and awards, including the annual „Nail“ award for design excellence.


The Association of Communication Agencies (GWA) represents the views and opinions of communication agencies in dealings with business, political and public bodies. It explains the roles and benefits of business communication and advertising in both national and international marketplaces. GWA is a high-quality showcase where potential clients are introduced to a handpicked selection of agencies that are best suited to partner with them to meet the specific needs of their business.