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Welcome to the Connect-Me-Now info page.

Here you will discover the largest on-line creative network, and the place to cultivate your creative contacts and connections.

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Brag – the new Connect-Me-Now magazine.

The digital stage for your self-promotion or your employer branding.

Brag- the new e-magazine from Connect-Me-Now! It is a platform for all members to profile themselves and it is filled with content created by freelancers, agencies and start-ups as well as established companies. Download now for free!

What is Connect-Me-Now?

Connect-Me-Now is a network of creatives and agencies specifically designed to connect the two in order to meet the ever changing requirements of the creative industry.

As we know these requirements can change hour-by-hour which is why Connect-Me-Now is so unique as requests can be posted without delay and without difficulty, instantly.

Communication between those looking to fill a position and those applying is direct, transparent, and easy.

Connect-Me-Now is also a place where members can share advice, wisdom and experience, making it an ideal learning place for those just starting out in our industry. We are sure that it can offer much more and that’s the great thing about Connect-Me-Now as our members can help to shape its future and its content.

Please go to About Us, to find out more.


Open communication between members


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